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Which Bible Character are You?

Posted in General | 09:16

     A few days ago I took a silly little test to determine ‘what Bible character am I’.  Remember I said it was silly and not based on scientific research.  I am very curious by nature so I answered their nine or ten questions and up popped King David.  He hadn’t entered my mind as I took the test; I thought of someone like Peter or maybe Thomas.             

     As you may suspect this was online so hundreds and maybe thousands of others have had their Bible character revealed to them.  I noticed one who was Lot and another who actually was Jesus.  I wondered what question of those answered led the test to those characters.  Maybe I am like King David; I do love God, I mess up a lot, I like nature, I like music, but I doubt if God will ever say that I am a man after His own heart.           

     As silly and possibly misleading as this test was it did bring to mind the one character we are all to strive to be; we are all to be like Jesus.  I wonder if that one I saw whose result was Jesus is really like Him.  I can’t judge since I don’t know this person but a wild guess would be they are not.  They may be more like Jesus than I am but still have room to improve and grow.           

     What character comes to your mind?  Who in the Bible are you most like?  It doesn’t really matter which one you are like you have room to grow unless you truly are like Jesus.  The Bible tells us we are to be conformed into the image of Jesus, God’s Son.  No matter who the test might pick for you today, the Bible says all of us are being conformed by God into a likeness of His Son.  Most of us have much improvement to make to be like Jesus.           

    What is Jesus like?  What characteristics should you have to be like Jesus?First you must be a son or daughter.  I know this is a rather simple statement but first and foremost Jesus was the only begotten Son of God.  If we are to be like Jesus we must fulfill that requirement.  Anything else you might do would be useless until that step is met.  To become a son or daughter you must accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and then you will become an adopted child of the Father and a joint heir with Jesus.             

     Another characteristic of Jesus is that he is truth.  Again the Bible records how Jesus described himself when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”.  He is say that He is the truth, all truth begins within Him and no truth exists apart from him.  For one of us to be like Jesus we must be truthful in all areas of our life, realizing that we aren’t the source of that truth but a reflection of the truth which is Jesus.  As long as we dwell in the earthly house, we call our body, we cannot be completely like Christ nor can we be completely truthful.           

     Has your desire to be like Jesus diminished or are you still steadfast in your goal?  What about love, we are told that God is love and it is also recorded that Jesus said, ‘I and the Father are one.’  If they are one then Jesus is love too and to have the characteristics of Jesus you must have love.  Every time that little word comes up I quake since I am not totally sure of its meaning.  In the English language we have only that one word to express positive feelings for everything.  I love my car, I love hamburgers and French fries, I love certain people, and I love God.  One word isn’t enough to express my differing feeling for these things.  I hope I have a somewhat great positive feeling for God than I do a hamburger.  If we will open ourselves to God He will allow His love to enter us and to flow through us to all those around us.  Remember, we are to love the brethren, our enemies, and our neighbors as ourselves.  We don’t have the ability to generate such love so we must be a pipeline of love from God to the world.           

     There are numerous other characteristics of Jesus Christ that I could mention but these are enough to make us realize we aren’t completely like the Bible character, Jesus.  We may be on the right pathway but our goal is in the distance.  Allow me to introduce you to one final thought.  In Matthew 5:48 we are told “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”  I don’t want to depress with this thought but we need much work to reach this characteristic.  No, we won’t make it here in this world but don’t let it serve as your excuse for not attempting.             

     I am King David according to that test and maybe someday God can say “He is a man after my own heart". 

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