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Time For a Funeral

Posted in God's Grace | 04:12

Martin Luther reached a point in his life, where he became very depressed and despondent. His struggles to stand for his beliefs concerning God and the Word of God were difficult. Martin Luther spent his days with a very downcast appearance. One morning his wife entered Luther's presence dressed in black; the appropriate attire for one in mourning. Luther's wife had grown weary of Martin's melancholy and was seeking some way to brighten his spirits.
When Martin saw her, he questioned her attire. His wife responded by saying she was dressed in mourning because surely God was dead. Luther immediately received her lesson for him; arose, freshen himself and sought God with his past ferver.
When I was much younger, there was the common phrase, God is dead. Along many avenues of life this dreadful news was proclaimed; our God, our Creator was no more, He was dead. To many this may have been viewed as good news; they were now free without hinderence to conduct their lives as they chose.
Just as premature as those headlines of Truman's defeat by Dewey so is the news of the demise of God. God is very much alive and well today. He may seem far from you but it is you who have moved. Do you realize it is hard to look at yourself and to look at another at the same time. God may seem vacant from our lives but it may only be that you have stopped looking at and for Him and replaced your proper line of sight with one whose focus is upon you.
God is not dead! God is where you left Him. If you desire Him anew, just look away from you and you will see Him.

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