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2 Chronicles 7:14 Pray

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Once we as God’s people have achieved some level of humbleness we are to move to the second condition given which is to pray. I wonder how many books have been written on the subject of prayer. I seem to always like to condense everything so allow me to try to explain this condition in a very few words.
I, for one, had a flawed concept of prayer; believing it was so high theological happening and for a prayer to be proper nice big words and phrase must be used. I guess I thought I was suppose to speak as if what I wanted to say to God had been personally written for me by Shakespeare. Or there is also the other side; I could have spoken in a cute four line verse. In truth neither of these is the correct way to pray.
Probably the best way to explain this is for me to tell how I pray. When I seek to converse with God it is on the level of day to day communication. As you can tell from my writing I am not gifted with a vocabulary of eloquent words. I have learned that talking with God is no different than talking with any other person you care deeply about. The Bible speaks of God as our Friend and as our Father; those two descriptive terms show closeness and a familiarity. Yes, you are to demonstrate reverence and respect but don’t we normally do that with those you love.
I often, when desiring to have a longer conversation, will find a place of privacy and a place without distraction. Once I have found my place of prayer, my closet, I begin by addressing God as my Father and then out it comes. I have expressed frustration, anger, hurt, joy, gladness, thankfulness, and a multitude of other emotions during my talk but I always remember God already knows what is really on my heart and in my mind so why try to hide my true feelings. God is big enough to handle me being upset at Him and even truly angry at Him. I sometimes praise Him and usually simply thank Him for being my God and for being so concerned with me and all that is within me. It helps to humble me when I think of the greatness of God and how at this moment I am have a face to face talk with God; the Creator, Savior, Provider, and many other attributes.
For sure I will drag out my wish list and start going down them item by item. After a few of these I seem to feel that what I desire is not so important but what my Father wants is supreme. I will drop my list and then mumble the words, “I am sorry for being selfish and Lord help me to want what you desire for me.” Don’t get it wrong, I don’t always give in sometimes I beg for things that with time I become thankful that He answered my request with a resounding “NO”. After I tell God I want to want what He wants I then set back and listen.
It is amazing how He talks with me. I am not one of those that can say they have physically heard the voice of God but His Spirit and my spirit converse and what He has said will soon become the important thought and idea in my mind.
Prayer is nothing religious or some ceremony we need to go through to attain some desired level of religious wellbeing. Prayer is a conversation with my Friend and my Father. When my parents were alive we had many conversations and they weren’t always pleasant, neither is every conversation with God. I can get very stubborn and often rebellious and want only what I want. When I was in such a conversation with my earthly parents and I showed my rebelliousness they would listen and then say “no”, at times they would conclude by adding we will discuss this later when you are ready to openly talk.
This condition given in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is God saying,”Hey, remember me, come talk it over with me. I want the best for you but first I want you and fellowship with you.” If we are to meet this condition we must as His Word says, “Pray without ceasing”. This is saying we are to keep the lines of communication open; each time you go to God in prayer should the continuation of your last time talking with God. In any relationship there must be open lines of communication for that relationship to grow. What if you talked with your closest friend or family member no more than you do with God; where would that relationship be?
Forgive this comparison, but this all seems so much like the relationship between a man and a woman. It begins with an attraction and then moves into conversation to learn more of that one that has attracted you. If the courtship blossoms into something fruitful then much learning of each other has had to happen. How is it different that what our relationship with God is to be? Are we not suppose to acquire knowledge of Him and Him of us and as the relationship matures we look to the possibility of producing fruit?
Yes, you must be humble and then you must pray, communication and learning God and the next step is to seek God. Sounds so familiar of my days long ago when I was dating.

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